Jess + Justin: Meaningful Georgetown Engagement

Oh my gosh, what is there to say about Justin and Jess other than that they are the most adorable couple and I’m so incredibly grateful to have them in my life. Justin is my cousin and he and his sister, Danielle, lived just a few minutes away from me and Natalie (my sister) in Virginia when were younger, so we were lucky enough to grow up together and I always joke that they are my cousin-siblings. Justin is kind, loyal, and one of the most fun people I know, so I was so happy that he met Jess who is his match in every way and always up for an adventure!

We met up in Georgetown on a gorgeous April afternoon to revisit the place where they had one of their first dates and wandered the beautiful brick and cobblestone streets as the sun went down. We ended the day with celebratory margaritas and talked about their upcoming wedding in December, which will be the party of the year! It was a perfect day.